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Treasure Hunt along the parcours Vita obstacle course

Themed trails

Set out to explore the parcours Vita obstacle course dotted with clues and missions making this itinerary great fun for children !




1h 30m

Variation in altitude


Level of difficulty


Download GPXTreasure hunt fall 2022

Pick up your adventure logbook from Nendaz Tourisme or download it from our internet site, and set out on an adventure before coming back to the tourist information office to get your reward.

Throughout autumn, the leaves of the trees turn brown and fall. Help Cheesy to understand why this happens ? Use the map to help you find your way. Follow the signs of the Parcours Vita. During your mission, you will also learn how to recognize various trees that grow in Nendaz. Good luck!

On the way

Nendaz Tourisme

Tourist Information Office