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Treasure hunts have been set up so that walks are transformed into children's games. 13-10-2020

Discover a great mixture of hiking and adventure with our fun treasure hunts ! Pick up an adventure logbook available free at Nendaz Tourisme or download it online. Help Cheesy finish her homework, pick a beautiful bunch of flowers, bake a pumpkin pie or find the password to her computer. On their return to Nendaz Tourisme, a small thankyou souvenir gift awaits the adventurous participants.

The treasure hunts are renewed constantly whether it be as far as the clues are concerned or on an itinerary basis allowing our most loyal adventurers to set off regularly on new escapades. 

At present, four treasure hunts are offered following a selection of different hikes : along the sculpture path, in resort, along the panoramic path (until October 18th) as well as along the trail of the photo exhibition "Bidons sans frontières".

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