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Treasure hunts have been set up so that walks are transformed into children's games. 27-01-2021

Discover a great mixture of hiking and adventure with our fun treasure hunts ! With their log-book, available free from Nendaz Tourism or downloaded online, in hand, the children are invited to help our mascot, Cheesy, to carry out her various missions. On their return to Nendaz Tourism, a souvenir awaits all participants, a small token of thanks for their contribution. 

The treasure hunts are renewed regularly concerning the puzzles as well as the itinerary, thus permitting our most faithful young guests to launch out regularly into new escapades.

At present, three treasure hunts are offered following a selection of different hikes :

  • Sculpture path : This morning, during her ski lesson, Cheesy has made lots of new friends. For you to get to know them too, they have organized a fun treasure hunt.

  • In the resort : Today, Cheesy is walking around the resort with her parents. Nendaz Tourisme has promised to give her a small gift if she answers all the questions asked in this brochure. Will you be able to do it too?

  • Old village : Come and set off with Cheesy to discover the ancient quarters of the village of Haute-Nendaz. You can take this opportunity to admire the old barns, granaries and monuments that make up the charm of this mountain village.

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