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All you have to do is smile !

Photo points have been installed at the Plan du Fou and at the Mont-Fort to immortalize your day’s skiing in breathtaking panoramic surroundings. 27-01-2020
All you have to do is smile !-46660

At the Plan du Fou and at the top of the Mont-Fort, you no longer need to worry about taking that great and unforgettable selfie. The photo points will take it for you. They have been positioned in such a way as to give you the most beautiful back drop, The Cleuson dam for one and the most illustrious Alpine peaks for the other. It is then possible to view and download your photos on 

Steps to follow

1. Scan your lift pass

2. Pose and smile (a little light flashes faster and faster until the photo is taken)

3. Create an account on or download the app with the same name

4. Select "Ski domain", « Valais » then « Nendaz » if you own a Printse lift pass or « 4 Vallées » if you own a 4 Vallées lift pass

5. Type your lift pass number

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