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And if you tried the Alphorn ?

Two hours’ initiation, introductory course of two days or advanced training workshop, there’s something for every level! 15-03-2021
And if you tried the Alphorn ?-45206

"Come and play the alphorn" (initiation)

Every Thursday, from 9am to 11am, Nendaz Tourisme offers an activity titled «Come and play the Alphorn». There you will learn the secrets of this ancestral instrument which is part of the history of our country. Most especially, the teacher will give you some tricks to help you produce sounds from an Alphorn. There is little doubt that at the end of these two hours you will succeed!

Information and reservation 48 hours in advance at Nendaz Tourisme, +41 (0)27 289 55 89,

Stage of the alphorn initiation

In collaboration with reputed music teachers, Nendaz Tourisme organises introductory courses to the Alphorn, spread over two days.

  • Easter: 2-3 April 2021

  • Ascension: 14-15 May 2021

  • Corpus Christi: 4-5 June 2021

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Advanced alphorn courses

This instrument holds no mysteries for you, so come and profit from our advanced lessons. And this year, progress even more rapidly thanks to a masterclass given by Olivier Brisville, several times finalist and winner of the Valais Drink Pure Festival, both in solo and in a group with Les Briançonneurs.

  • Week & Masterclass with Olivier Brisville (5 days) : 12-16 July 2021

  • Week & Masterclass with Olivier Brisville (5 days) : 19-23 July 2021

Tariffs and registration form 

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