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Competition on our ski touring track

‘Movement’ and Nendaz Tourisme offer you on February 6th an exciting life-size treasure hunt on one of our ski touring route. 22-01-2021
Competition on our ski touring track-48043

What’s the goal ? To be the first to find the « Golden Apple » representing the hidden brand logo along one of our ski touring route and win a ‘Movement’ backpack. So, keep your eyes peeled as it could be hidden on the ground as well as up a tree. 

Clues to the whereabouts of the « Golden Apple » are given on February 6th at 9:00 on Instagram. The first participant to find it, takes a selfie with the apple at the place where they found it and posts a story on Instagram with the tag #nendazswitzerland and #movementskis

The apple must then be brought back to Nendaz Tourisme to claim the prize.

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