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Follow the tracks of a famous freerider

Spend an entire day on the slopes with Richard Amacker who will be delighted to share his advice and experience. 11-02-2020
Follow the tracks of a famous freerider-48039

How about perfecting your technique by following Richard Amacker, an experienced skier and an extraordinary freerider ? 

This grass roots athlete has excelled in the freeride field achieving excellent results and victories in the Freeride World Qualifier as well as an incredible firs place in the Freeride World Tour. He then went on to enhance his skills achieving a federal certification as a snow sports instructor, following an ISTA training course based on the prevention of avalanche accidents without forgetting an additional training course allowing him to coach up-and-coming downhill ski competitors.

Today, the objective of this passionate young man is to transmit and share all that he has learnt throughout his experiences. For now, four dates have been organized:

  • 20.02 : Carving workshop

  • 21.02 : Freeride workshop + safety

  • 27.02 : Discovery of the ski area workshop 

  • 28.02 – Moguls workshop

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