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Barefoot path

Families and nature lovers will have the good fortune to try this path.

Return to forgotten sensations

 The walkers will be able to feel again forgotten sensations on this "barefoot discovery track":
sand, wood shavings, stones, pine cones and discs of wood, trunks, earth, grass and moss, pine needles. All these materials fill a different sector of this path, which initiates walkers to this pastime. They will then follow the marked barefoot path, over the bridge crossing the Printse river. Different sensations can be experienced alon the path.

The discovery track and the path are open to all.

The walk lasts about 50 minutes and it is also possible making a stop at the picnic area along the river.

Departure In Siviez, behind the first building on the left
Duration 0h50
Ascension 75m
Descent 75m
Highest point 1769
Level Easy


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