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Beuson - Bisse de Salins - Bisse de Baar-40995
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Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Beuson - Bisse de Salins - Bisse de Baar

Your hike starts opposite the chapel of Beuson. Constructed in 1453, the Bisse de Salins is the most ancient in the commune of Nendaz. Go down next in the direction of Beaupérrier, Misériez, and then as far as Salins. To return to Beuson, you only have to take the Bisse de Baar. A good part of this circuit will take you through apricot orchards.

Departure point the yellow sign in front of the chapel in Beuson.

You can reach Beuson via post bus from Haute-Nendaz.

Duration 4h00
Ascension 427m
Descent 427m
Highest point 1134
Level Intermediate


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