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Bidons sans frontières

Last summer, Nendaz welcomed the photographer Gérard Benoit à la Guillaume and his milk churns for an out-of-the-ordinary exhibition and various examples of artistic entertainment.

« Bidons sans frontières » (milk churns with no boundaries) is coming back this year for an outdoor exhibition. This is an opportunity for you to discover until end of October a few works of art set up at the Cleuson dam, on the bisse de Saxon, at Tracouet or on the barefoot path, while enjoying a pleasant stroll linking the bisse du Milieu and the bisse Vieux. What better way to entertain the little ones and the not so little ones !

A treasure hunt for the children is also available on this path. ll you need to do is collect the log books at Nendaz Tourisme, set off on your adventure and return to the tourist information office to receive your treasure.

And for those who don’t know “Bidons Sans Frontières”, it is quite simply the crazy idea of the French-Swiss photographer, Gérard Benoit à la Guillaume, to give life to over 200 milk churns. Whether in the mountains, in the desert or even down town, the churns become real personalities whose primary role is to underline the beauty of a landscape or an infrastructure.

Departure point: from Nendaz Tourisme, go in the direction of the Bisse du Milieu 
Duration 1h30
Ascension 162m
Descent 162m
Highest point 1470
Level Easy


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