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Bisse de Baar

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Bisse de Baar

Practicable a large portion of the year, the Bisse de Baar has its source below the Château de Brignon and then irrigates the lovely apricot orchards.

Water intake altitude 840 m, in the river Printse below Brignon.
Length 6 km
Date of construction prior to 1456
The bisse is still used for the irrigation of the fields and orchards of Baar, Salins and Sion (Maragnenaz).
 The date of construction of this canal was prior to 1456. In that year, an agreement was reached between the people of Arvillard and of Turin, accompanied by a representative of the Bishop of Sion on the one hand and the people of the Majorie of Brignon and of Baar on the other. These latter gave the Bishop and his associates permission to take water from the existing canal under certain conditions, amongst which the enlargement of the bisse at their expense.
Leaving from the village of Brignon, the path crosses the slopes at a right angle to the Printse and some vines. In the dry grasslands below the road, one can admire some rare flowers of the Valais, such as yellow bugrane and pinnate stipe. One then crosses fields of magnificent apricot trees, to be admired in full bloom in the spring. The bisse passes above the village of Baar and continues in the direction of Sion, through orchards and copses. At the end, the watercourse follows the border of a beautiful pine wood known as the "Forêt de l'Evèque" (Bishop's Woods).
Bisse de Baar-42116
Bisse de Baar-42116
Bisse de Baar-42116
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