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Bisse du Milieu - Bisse d'en Bas-40976
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Bisse du Milieu - Bisse d'en Bas

Link Haute-Nendaz to Planchouet along the water's edge while following the Bisse du Milieu and the Bisse d'en Bas.

Set off towards the hamlet of Planchouet and its magnificent mountain chapel! The departure of the Bisse du Milieu is located at about 200 metres after Nendaz Tourisme, opposite the "Pam" supermarket. Stop for a moment in front of the chapel enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Take a break for something to eat in one of the three restaurants in Planchouet before setting back towards Haute-Nendaz, join the Bisse d'en Bas. To find the departure of this bisse, cross the bridge just after the chapel of Planchouet and follow the road downhill for about 600 metres, then cross the river. Follow the Bisse. This bisse is the wildest of all the bisses in Nendaz, and its path is not as flat as the other bisses. It leads you to Saclentse,from  where you can easily follow the road to come back to the resort by following the signposts for  "Haute-Nendaz".

Departure point: the yellow sign beside Nendaz Tourisme in Haute-Nendaz.

Duration 3h10
Ascension 266m
Descent 266m
Highest point 1467
Level Easy


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