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Chapel of Planchouet

Veritable haven of peace, this charming wooden chapel nestles in the midst of the larches.

The chapel at Planchouet, dedicated to the Sacré-Coeur (Sacred Heart) is the work of the villagers of the right bank of the Printse. In May 1930, work began with the felling of the trees necessary for construction. The foundations created problems as they had to mine the rocks but from Sunday to Sunday, the building steadily took shape and on August 9th 1931 and the Dean of Bourban blessed the chapel.

After Some final structural work, the abbot Joseph Fournier, who was the founder of the project, was able to finish his accounts: the construction had cost 7,045.-.

Inside, you can find statues of the Virgin Mary, St Anthony, St Maurice and St Nicholas.

Going past Planchouet, whether in winter under a blanket of snow or amidst the multicoloured larch trees in autumn, the chapel welcomes you whatever the season.




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