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Chapel Saint-Barthélémy

On the banks of the lake at Cleuson at nearly 2,200 metres, this is the highest standing chapel in the commune. It overlooks the Valley of Nendaz and the panoramic view extends as far as the chain of the Bernese Alps.

This is also the most ancient chapel of Nendaz. The exact date of its construction is unknown, but a document of 1447, signed by the bishop of Sion, mentions that 40 days of indulgence would be accorded to whomever gave alms in favour of the chapel, which leads one to presume that the edifice is prior to that date.

Before the construction of the dam, it was situated in the valley of Cleuson, on the right bank, slightly uphill.  Built of wood, it was renovated on several occasions, the last time in 1888. In 1951, the men working on the dam constructed a new stone chapel at the present site.



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