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Combatseline - Bisse de Chervé - Barrage de Cleuson - Siviez-40988
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Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Combatseline - Bisse de Chervé - Barrage de Cleuson - Siviez

Magnificent high altitude hike along a spectacular bisse with a breathtaking view over the dam.

From the top of the Combatseline chairlift (opening hours), join the bisse de Chervé trail, towards Cleuson. After 45 minutes of walking along the bisse, you can admire the Cleuson dam and its turquoise lake. Follow the path along the the lake until you reach a crossing with a larger path at a place called  "la Gouille". Here, the braver among you can continue on the left towards the St-Lauren cabin. The others can turn right and follow the path downhill which then joins a track running along the edge of the lake. When you arrive at the end of the lake, cross the dam wall and then turn right onto a footpath which zigzags downhill below the dam wall. Once at the bottom, follow the signposts towards Siviez.

Departure point the yellow sign opposite the arrival place of the chairlift at Combatseline (Siviez).

Option 2 : without lift

There is free parking at the bottom of the chairlift.

You can visit the insides of the dam walls every Friday throughout the summer (inscription up until the evening before 17h at Nendaz Tourisme, +41 (0) 27 289 55 89).

Duration 3h15
Ascension 151m
Descent 655m
Highest point 2353
Level Difficult


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