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Ski pass compensation

New ! Purchase guarantee for your skipasses
The purchase of an annual pass is accompanied this year by a guarantee concerning the present health crisis. We assure you that, in the case where the entire lift network should remain non-operational throughout the winter season on order of the authorities concerned, your pass will be automatically postponed to the following season. In the case of a partial closure, a refund will be awarded, calculated proportionally by the number of days that the lifts are closed for. The table below shows you the amounts refunded if the authorities concerned order the lifts to close. 

Multi-day passes are passes that are valid for between 1 and 15 days. Only Customers who can prove that they were not able to make use of their pass during the chosen period are eligible for compensation. For these passes, the following conditions apply: 
  • If the pass has not been used at all, the total amount will be fully refunded.
  • If the pass has been partially used, the amount refunded will be on a pro-rata basis, taking into account the number of non-ski days. The amount refunded will correspond to the difference between the number of days skied and the pass purchased. For example: If a Customer with a six-day pass amounting to CHF 355 was only able to ski on four of those days, the amount refunded will be: 355 – 275 = CHF 80. This corresponds to the price difference between a four-day pass and a six-day pass.
Only an official binding measure issued by the government which prevents the Customer from using their pass is considered grounds for compensation. The following are considered examples of binding measures issued by the government:
  • Partial or total lockdown within Switzerland resulting in the closure of leisure facilities, including cable cars and ski lifts
  • Partial or total lockdown in the Customer’s country of origin
  • Quarantine imposed by Switzerland on arrival or quarantine imposed by the Customer’s country of origin on return, meaning it is not reasonable to travel.
You can also subscribe to an insurance which covers other risks (weather conditions, accident, illness etc.) when ordering your pass. Please check out for further information regarding these insurance possibilities. 
Number of closing days
  from 20 to 50 days from 51 to 80 days from 81 to 110 days from 110 to 121 days
Pass adult 4 Vallées 200 CHF 400 CHF 800 CHF 1050 CHF
Pass senior 4 Vallées 150 CHF 350 CHF 650 CHF 900 CHF
Pass adult Printse 150 CHF 300 CHF 500 CHF 700 CHF
Pass senior Printse 100 CHF 200 CHF 400 CHF 600 CHF
Pass adult/senior local municipalities (4V) 100 CHF 150 CHF 300 CHF 450 CHF
Referral system or pass Valais (4V) 125 CHF 200 CHF 400 CHF 700 CHF
Mont4card youth 50 CHF 100 CHF 150 CHF 300 CHF
Mont4card child 30 CHF  80 CHF 100 CHF 200 CHF
Other see our general conditions see our general conditions see our general conditions see our general conditions

If a client has indeed used their pass during the closed period, the days the pass was used can be deducted from the refund. If the client has benefited from a discount via a voucher, a discount code or other form of reduction (holiday property owner discount, etc.) the amount discounted will be entirely deducted from the amount refunded.

The closing days must intervene between December 12th 2020 and April 11th 2021. For half-season passes and pedestrian season or annual passes, the amount of the compensation corresponds to the 50% of the compensation granted for skier passes of the same category (for example, for a half-season pass 4 Vallées, divide by 2 the compensation of the skier 4 Vallées pass.


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