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Freetrack L'Eteygeon-42225
Itinéraire - Activité d'hiver

Freetrack L'Eteygeon

Greppon Blanc 2700 m - Prapero 1540 m

From the summit of the skilift Greppon Blanc, go up to the pass and enjoy a very unique descent !

Far from any lifts. One of the most impressive itineraries by its length, its variation in altitude, and its far from everything aspect. This ski run is never prepared and goes through sumptuous wild landscapes. You will arrive in the Valley des Dix (Prapero)  where you will be able to catch the bus back to the chair lift of "les Masses".  For good skiers only.
Careful to the signs (open/closed) and inform youself  about danger of avalanche and the bus schedules for your trip back : 11.00 / 12.00 / 13.00 / 14.15 / 15.00 - CHF 5.-

Attention, the last bus (15.00) will take you to Les Collons 1800, near the tourism office.

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Descent 1128
Highest point 2661
Level Marked off-piste trails



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