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The Hérens cow-42033

The Hérens cow

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The Hérens cow

The Hérens breed of cattle is a true symbol of mountain life in the Valais region.

Robust and well adapted to our climate, the Hérens cow is an excellent walker and moves easily over rough terrain. We find this breed mostly in the Valais but also in the Val d'Aoste. These cows are doted with a lively temperament and a rebellious character. They fight each other instinctively to set the hierarchy within the herd.

Every spring, while they are moved up to the mountain grazing, they fight fiercely among themselves, horns against horns. This natural aptitude gave birth to the organisation of "combats de reines " (cow fighting meetings), which attract every year numerous breeders and passionate spectators.

The protection and breeding of this unique Alpine breed of cattle represents true added value to the agriculture and tourist industries as well to the culture of the Valais region.

See them when? 

  • during the various  inalpes (Combatseline, Combyre-Meinaz, Siviez, Tortin, Balavaux, Novelly)
  • On the Swiss National Day on 1st of August at Tracouet
  • during the national Finals of the Hérens race at Aproz (queen cow fighting)
  • during the Festival and the combats of the désalpe at Siviez
  • in the framework of the animation "La vie à l'alpage" organised by Nendaz Tourismeor
  • just simply in the course of a walk through the alpine pastures in summer
The Hérens cow-42033
The Hérens cow-42033
The Hérens cow-42033
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