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Nendaz - Les Crêtaux - Isérables - Condémines-41017
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Nendaz - Les Crêtaux - Isérables - Condémines

This sunny walk trully allows you to take in our wonderful scenery!From Haute-Nendaz, you first go all the way to Isérables, then you pass through the hamlet of Condémines before going back up to  Haute-Nendaz.

Cross the plaine des Ecluses towards the swimming pool. Cross  Tsamandon and then take the path which departs from the first hairpin bend that you come across at la Tena. Walk to the Crêteaux, then continue towards Isérables.Once you arrive in Isérables, take the opportunuty to visit the museum in the centre of the village. Once you cross the village, follow the road towards les Condémines. A children's play area  is located along the way, as you leave the village. Follow the path that runs below the little tunneland continue towards  Les Condémines. Pass through the hamlet and leave the main road. On the firts hairpin bend,follow the path towards Haute-Nendaz. COntinue along this path until you reach the Route de l'Antenne which you can follow to bring you back to the resort.

Departure point the yellow sign beside Nendaz Tourisme in Haute-Nendaz.
Duration 3h30
Ascension 482m
Descent 482m
Highest point 1486
Level Intermediate


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