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O Byô Local

Under the arcade of Nendaz resort, "O Byô Local" invites you in a delicious place dedicated to healthy products! Our goods are sourced almost entirely locally and with waste reduction in mind.

Warm decoration, tempting fragrances, and the smile of the person behind the counter. Spices, dried fruits, cosmetics, pasta, oils, cleaning products... The list is long and the prices very reasonable.

Are you curious? Come and visit us! Take a look at our awesome products for free.

This non-profit cooperative works thanks to the support of around thirty volunteers, which take care of selling, ordering, communication... If you too have a bit of time to give, if you're interested in giving a hand to support this beautiful project, we would be glad to welcome you as part of our team!

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Route des Ecluses 8
1997 Haute-Nendaz

Phone +41 79 332 59 69


Route de la Télécabine 1
1997 Haute-Nendaz
+41 27 289 55 89 |

Mon-Fri 09:00-12:00 | 14:00-17:00
Sat 09:00-12:30 | 13:30-17:00
Sun closed