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Pedestrian Tour du Mont-Fort-43090
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Pedestrian Tour du Mont-Fort

Enter the glacier world

This beautiful hike will take you near the glaciers of Tortin and Grand Désert. Youl will go through two alpine passes: the la Chaux pass and the Louvie pass. You will then head to the Grand Désert lake, before hiking along the Cleuson dam and finally go down to Siviez. From there, you can reach Tortin on foot or by taking the chairlift, and then take the lift to go back to the Gentianes Pass.

You can also make the tour starting from Tortin or Siviez. The height difference would be much bigger! (around 1'600m).

This hike is technical challenging. It is reserved to experienced hikers who wear appropriate footwear and clothing. 

Elevation profile



Duration 7h15
Ascension 931m
Descent 1780m
Highest point 2938
Level Difficult


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