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Sculpture path

As you meander outside the village of Nendaz, you can meet animals from our mountains: ibex, mountain goats, roebuck, deer, wild boar, marmot, hare, fox, squirrel, eagle, owl, birds...Raphaël Pache’s sculptures will just take your breath away during this walk of around an hour and a half.

For the children, a treasure hunt is also organised along this path.

Departure point: Nendaz Tourisme, follow the direction "Promenade des Crêtes".

Sculptor Raphaël Pache

- employee in the district of Matran since 1978
- designing and building of flower arrangements and picnic places
- profession : lumberjack
- foresty training, pruning and ornamental pruning and mosaïculture (live flower art)
Ascension 84m
Descent 84m
Highest point 1342
Level Easy


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