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Sledge slope Siviez-39727
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Sledge slope Siviez

Become the king of the sledge on our sledging strip in Tortin!

Set near the ski run, the 3km long sledge run of Tortin offers a track full of fun. 
Meant to satisfy everybody from young to old, it guarantees fun for the whole family all season long.


Sledge rental

Skibob/plastic sledge: from CHF 10.-
Wooden sledge: from CHF 19.-
Material rental in all sports shops

1 way-up with the chairlift of Tortin
Adult: CHF 13.-
Teen (1994-2003)/Senior (1942-1954): CHF 11.-
Child (2004-2011): CHF 7.-

Unlimited way-up with the chairlift of Tortin
Adult: CHF 30.-
Teen (1994-2003)/Senior (1942-1954): CHF 26.-
Child (2004-2011): CHF 15.-
Ascension Chairlift of Tortin
Descent 3 km
Highest point 2050
Level Sledging



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