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Thyon - Bisse de Chervé - Combatseline-40979
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Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Thyon - Bisse de Chervé - Combatseline

This hike links Thyon to Combatseline via the bisse de Chervé. Between mountain pastures and the forest don't forget to keep your eyes open as you walk along the moutain paths… you might just spot a marmot!

Departing from Thyon (at the top of the Veysonnaz gondola), you begin this easy walk through the pastures. Then,a forest of pine trees awaits you.Continue the walk along a red and white marked mountain path before reaching the Combyre-Meina pastures. Here you can buy some local mountain pasture cheese! Finally, follow the track towards Combatseline,where you can stop for a bite to eat and, if you wish, go down to Siviez via the chairlift.

Departure point the yellow sign opposite the arrival place of the chairlift at Veysonnaz. 

You can reach Veysonnaz via shuttle bus from Nendaz. Reservation obligatory until the evening before until 5.30pm at Nendaz Tourisme, +41 27 289 55 89.

Duration 1h50
Ascension 217m
Descent 104m
Highest point 2233
Level Easy


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