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Tracouet - Dent de Nendaz - Balavaux-45742
Itinéraire - Randonnée pédestre

Tracouet - Dent de Nendaz - Balavaux

This aerial and technical hike from the Tracouet gondal arrival station leads you to the Dent de Nendaz,followed by  a passage along the mountain ridges until you reach  Basso d’Alou. After a fairly technical descent the return to Tracouet is via a wider dirt track.

After a short gondola ride from Haute-Nendaz to Tracouet, follow the path which runs along the right hand side of the 'lac Noir' (lake). The climb up to the Dent de Nendaz is via a mountain path. When you reach 2461 m, next to the cross, take the time to admire the view over the lake and surrounding mountains. The next part of the hike is a slight downhill passage along a steep mountain ridge before going back uphill until you reach the Pointe de Balavaux going on to then  reach the  col du Basso D’Alou (pass).Once you reach the pass, follow the path which zigzags down towards Prarion/ Balavaux. This technical descent through the rhododendrons leads you to another dirt track, among the hundred year old Larch trees. Follow thei track until you reach the pastures and the  Balavaux cabin.From the cabin, the return to Tracouet follow the dirt track.

Departure point the yellow sign opposite the arrival place of the cable car at Tracouet.

Duration 3h00
Ascension 544
Descent 544
Highest point 2461
Level Intermediate

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