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Activity - Activité Loisirs

Treasure hunts

Walking in the mountains is fantastic! But when it is complemented by a game it becomes magical !

Several tracks are proposed all year round. All you need to do is collect the log books at Nendaz Tourisme, set off on your adventure and return to the tourist information office to receive your treasure.

Summer 2019

Sculpture path
Mr. Fournier, Chief of the Nendaz circus, counts on you to help him to find his animals before this evening's show!
Walking time: 1:00
Suggested age: 5-12 years old

The Scree of Dzerjonnaz
A poor marmot was found trapped in the Scree of Dzerjonnaz and it needs you in order to be saved. Help it by solving riddles! Once you have saved the marmot, a treasure will await you at Nendaz Tourisme.
Walking time 1:00
Suggested age: 5-12 years old

Barefoot path
While playing in the forest with her friend the squirrel, Cheesy lost something and does not dare go home for fear of being scolded by her mother. Help her and get a small reward!
Waking time: 1:00
Suggested age: 5-10 years old

Bisse du Milieu - bisse Vieux
The little fish Roberto got lost in the bisse. Help him to find his family. Be aware that there will be challenges to overcome on the way. We hope that you are ready to face them. 
Walking time:  4:00
Suggested age: 6-12 years old

Japanese Garden
Will you be able to find the mystery code to open the treasure chest? Be attentive to the clues along the way!
Walking time: 4h00
Suggested age: 6-12 years old


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