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Via Ferrata in Les Gentianes - Androsace (red)-42297
Itinéraire - Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata in Les Gentianes - Androsace (red)

New Via Ferrata in Les Gentianes. Two brand-new routes – one aerial, the other less demanding – that take you to an altitude of over 3,000 metres surrounded by a fantastic alpine panorama!

Route Androsace (red):
Level of difficulty: very difficult - K5
Estimated length: 340 m
Altitude difference: 141 m
Altitude at starting point: 2,900 m /Altitude at finish: 3,041 m

The route 2 is recommanded for people who measure at least 1m40.
The descent is the same for both routes.

To climb the Via Ferrata, you’ll need a helmet, harness and lanyards. This year, there is no rental of full kits. You have to use your own equipment (including traditional lanyards). Wearing gloves is mandatory for hygienic reasons.

WARNING: for security reasons, the sets are only intended for people who have a weight between 50kg-100kg.
Hiring a guide is not essential. However, if you do not have extensive experience in this sport, they charge by the day, in the same way as on guided climbing trips.

The two routes are equipped with an “aéroligne” lifeline safety system which prevents improper usage and restricts the risks for users.
How to get there:
From the top station of “Le Jumbo” cable car if you come from Verbier.
From Nendaz, take the Siviez-Tortin chairlift and then the Tortin-Gentianes lift.
The Via Ferrata is free to use. Only the ski lifts have to be paid for with the 4 Vallées pass.
The lifts are free for both VIP Pass and Openair pass holders. 
Ascension 141m
Highest point 3041
Level Difficult


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