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We offer you

During your visit to Nendaz, take advantage of the various services, infrastructures and activities placed at your disposal free thanks to our partners, to the public services and to the use of the visitor's tax.
So that you may spend unforgettable and affordable holidays we offer you, for example:  
  • 4 winter shuttle buses linking the various areas of the resort to the telecabine and to the departure-points of the walks
  • The winter skibus linking Haute-Nendaz to Siviez
  • Magic carpet in the centre of Nendaz Station
  • The cross-country ski trails
  • The use of a snowtubing trail and of a beginners park at Tracouet (you have to pay for the ride up in the telecabine, but the use of this infrastructures is free) 
  • The use of the beginners park at Siviez
  • 7 sign-posted itineraries for hikes on snowshoes
  • 92 km of sign-posted itineraries for winter walks
  • 5 ski touring itineraries
  • Treasure hunts
  • The use of the funicular railway linking the centre of the resort to the telecabine
  • The car park of Siviez
  • The wifi in front of Nendaz Tourisme, at the departure point of the Tracouet telecabine, at the Plaine des Ecluses, at Siviez and in the mountain restaurants of NV Remontées mécaniques SA
  • 250 km of sign-posted itineraries for summer walks
  • 5 trails with themes
  • 98 km of sign-posted itineraries along the 8 bisses (hillside irrigation canals)
  • 200 km of sign-posted itineraries for the mountain-bike (VTT)

Route de la Télécabine 1
1997 Haute-Nendaz
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