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Free shuttle buses !

No more parking problems. Leave the car in the garage and profit from our various buses which circulate in the resort, at Siviez and at Pracondu. 06-11-2019
Free shuttle buses !-44533

All of the shuttle buses mentioned below are completely free of charge, as is the funicular linking the Plaine des Ecluses with the Tracouet télécabine. Flyer

To the residential districts

Three shuttle buses circulate on a regular basis from the principal residential districts of the resort to the centre and to the departure point of the Tracouet télécabine :

1.  Chaèdo from 21.12 to 05.01 and from 15.02 to 01.03

2.  Péroua/Tsamandon from 21.12 to 13.04

3.  Bernoud/Antenne from 21.12 to 13.04

To Pracondu

From 21.12 to 13.04 a bus runs from Nendaz Tourisme to Pracondu, ideal site for hikes on foot, on snowshoes, cross-country skis or for ski touring.

To Siviez

From 14.12 to 26.04 a bus runs between Haute-Nendaz and Siviez, crossroads of the 4 Vallées, departure point of the ski lifts to the Mont-Fort (3,300m).



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