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Gold ribbons for September in Nendaz

Many businesses in Nendaz are getting involved by participating in this action to raise awareness in the fight against child cancer. 31-08-2020
Gold ribbons for September in Nendaz-47952

September is the month of international awareness of child cancer. In the French speaking part of Switzerland, the association Zoé4life is leading this incredible movement of solidarity, which aims to provide financial support to families with a chilld suffering from cancer, to improve the day to day life of children undergoing treatment as well as boost research in this field.

Volunteers have produced over 20'000 gold ribbons and have searched for potential sales sites. Around fifty local businesses in Nendaz (restaurants and bars, chemists, hairdressers, the optician, the butcher, rental agencies, sports and clothing shops, the fitness centre, the ski lift company, Nendaz Tourisme, etc.) have all agreed to answer ths call. They are proposing these litle ribbons for 1 franc throughout the month of September. The totality of the money raised is being donated to  Zoé4life. 

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