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Lifts : 32 additional days !

Nendaz propose, this summer, an extended operational period of the lifts linking Siviez to Combatseline and Haute-Nendaz to Tracouet. 20-04-2021
Lifts : 32 additional days !-48116

One of our key priorities is the continuous enhancement of the range of both summer and autumn tourist activities. This is why we have decided to open the lifts this summer for an additional 32 days. This will give guests the opportunity to enjoy the cool mountain air, to enjoy the stunning views and to explore the picture-postcard Alpine scenery on foot or by mountain bike.

In specific terms, the Combatseline chairlift will operate on the weekends of 5th-6th of June and 12th-13th of June, and will then run continuously from 19th of June, compared last year's opening on 27th of June. The Tracouet gondola will also be accessible to visitors from 19th of June and will run continuously until 31st of October.

Operational days


  • Week-end of 5th and 6th of June

  • Week-end of 12th and 13th of June

  • Every day from 19th of June to 20th of September

  • Week-ends from 25th of September to 17th of October 


  • Every day from 19th of June to 31st of October 

Tortin, les Gentianes, the Mont-Fort

  • Every day from 3rd of July to 22nd of August

  • Week-ends from 28th of August to 19thof September

  • Monday 20th of September  (Jeûne Fédéral bank holiday)

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