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Protective measures Covid-19

Frequently asked questions

Is it compulsory to wear a face mask when using lifts?
The mask requirement applies in our gondolas to everyone aged 12 or older, but will not apply on chair lifts. Anyone not in possession of a face mask will be able to purchase one from NV Remontées mécaniques SA ticket desks.

How will hygiene be maintained in the stations and public areas?
At all stations it will be possible to wash your hands either with water or a sanitiser. Small bottles of sanitiser will also be available for purchase from stations, kiosks and the Restaurant Matterhorn glacier paradise. Surfaces and objects which large numbers of people may touch, such as payment terminals, ticket of card readers, door handles, railings and storage shelves, will be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Public rooms will be ventilated. There may be waiting times in the ticketing and boarding areas. While queuing it is essential to maintain the 2-metres rule. There will be markings on the floor as guidance.

How can I avoid excessive contact with others? To reduce waiting times at the ticket desks and keep contact with other guests to a minimum, NV Remontées mécaniques SA recommends that you purchase tickets in advance from the Webshop. If you do have to buy tickets at the counter, please use a contactless electronic payment method.

Are there restrictions on capacity?
There will be no restriction on passenger capacity in the cabins and gondolas. It will be up to passengers to maintain a safe distance in the vehicles, as is the case on public transport. Where this is not possible, passengers are recommended to wear a face mask.

How will the safety of staff be as well guaranteed?
Staff safety is just as important as protecting the customer. The safety advice from the Swiss cableway association specifies clear rules in this regard, and these will be stringently applied and maintained by NV Remontées mécaniques SA. There are a number of measures in place on top of the general steps such as hand hygiene, social distancing and regularly cleaning shared work surfaces, implements and rooms. Employees such as cabin stewards and emergency crews who have contact with customers but cannot maintain social distancing or be protected via a Perspex window must wear a face mask. 

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