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New e-bike package deal available

Come and enjoy exploring Nendaz by electric bike for a whole weekend. 16-04-2021
New e-bike package deal available-48109

Nendaz boasts almost 200 kilometres of mountain bike trails through picture-postcard alpine landscapes and breathtaking panoramic views. The only drawback for those who are not experienced sportsmen and women is that the uphill sections are often quite demanding. However, thanks to the electric bike, these routes are now accessible to a greater number of people.

Have you already tried an e-bike? Our offer is the perfect opportunity to have (another) go. On Saturday morning, when you arrive, you can drop off your luggage, pick up a picnic and get equipped for your e-bike tour. You can then ride the itineraries of your choice all day long at your own pace and according to your desires. In the evening, you can enjoy a delicious meal at the Edelweiss Hotel where you spend the night. The next day, you can round off your stay on a cultural and gourmet note, with a wine and local produce tasting session. 

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