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Safety instructions

The practice of ski touring imposes the strict respect of various safety instructions and of respect for the environment:
● The itineraries of ski touring are signposted but not secured; you take them entirely under your own responsibility. Know how to evaluate the risks.
● Before embarking, inform yourself of the snow conditions, the weather forecast and the opening of the tracks under
● It is forbidden to descend using the itinerary for ascent. Upon arrival, it is recommended to descend on the ski slopes.
● The forest is a zone of tranquility for the fauna: remain on the marked trails and follow the itineraries.
The descents are closed out of the operating hours of the ski lifts and are not protected against dangers such as the triggering of avalanches or snow grooming machines equipped with a trawl winch.

Recommended equipment

  • DVA (avalanche transceiver) switched on in "transmit" mode
  • Headlamp
  • Shovel
  • Helmet
  • Portable phone
  • Probe
  • Crampons
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