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Tour des stations (Resorts Tour) : take up the challenge !

The Resorts Tour, an exceptional cycling race linking various holiday resorts throughout the region, takes place on August the 8th. You only have one month left to register. 08-07-2020
Tour des stations (Resorts Tour) : take up the challenge !-47857

The Resorts Tour meets the characteristics of the Marmotte Granfondo Series with its choice of three courses and its legendary Ultrafondo which is classed as being the most demanding one-day cycling race in the world. Choose between distances of 240km, 145km or 85km -and the corresponding altitude differences of 8,200m, 4,750m, 2,850m. The courses feature « class of its own » climbs like the mythical Croix-de-Cœur, topping out at 2,174 metres.

The Tour des Stations crosses through the enchanting countryside of the Canton of Valais, its mountainous vineyards, picturesque nature, authentic villages and internationally renowned resorts. 

You feel ready to take up this incredible challenge ! Registration is this way !


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