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Trail courses for summer 2021

From the summer of 2020, Nendaz and Veysonnaz is offering 11 new trail routes, bringing the number of trails to a total of fourteen including the three existing circuits of the Nendaz Trail. Whether starting from Haute-Nendaz, from Siviez or from Veysonnaz, everyone will be able to take part in this sport at their own pace, on easy trails for novice trail runners to more demanding routes for the more advanced athletes. The various trails present a variety of different levels of difficulty, both in terms of length  (from 5,9 km to70 km) and in terms of variation in altitude (from 472 m to 3590 m).

Two of the Nendaz Trail courses have already been signposted for several years. Information concerning the 12 new routes are available on the application "Nendaz Veysonnaz Outdoor", on the  Nendaz Tourisme website and on a map. There are no plans for the moment to signpost them out on the field.
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