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Water running in the bisses once again

7 of our 8 bisses are already open - this many easy walks in magnificent landscapes. 18-05-2020
Water running in the bisses once again-45375

The eight bisses of Nendaz form a network which is unique in the world. Remarkable fact, 6 of these historical irrigation canals are still in operation and so are water-filled in summer. The paths which run alongside them offer innumerable possibilities of hikes which are as accessible to children as they are to seniors. Altogether, in summer they represent 98 kilometres of walks.

Bisses which are practicable at the moment

Bisse d'en Bas      Bisse du Milieu

Bisse de Baar        Bisse de Salins

Bisse Vieux           Grand Bisse de Vex

Bisse de Saxon

Filling with water

Water is already running betwen the banks of the bisse d'En Bas, the bisse de Baar, the bisse Vieux, the bisse du Milieu, the bisse de Salins and the bisse de Vex. Part of the bisse de Saxon will, as usual, also have water flowing in it before the beginning of the summer. The bisse de Chervé, situated at 2370 m in altitude, is no longer used to water the land and is, therefore, no longer filled with water. It is normally accessible from mid-June.

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