Are you in search of wide open space, great snow conditions and challenging slopes ?

If you are an advanced skier, that technical difficulties don’t scare you and that you are
in search of that adrenaline rush, come and set off on one of the 6 ski itineraries spread
over the 4 Vallées ski domain. Nendaz is the ideal departure point to make the most of
these out-of-the-ordinary ski runs. These non-prepared but secured itineraries are destined
to be followed by experienced skiers and should satisfy even the most ambitious
winter sports lovers.

« As a professional freerider, I have had the privilege in visiting numerous ski resorts
throughout Europe, across the Atlantic and even in Oceania. The 4 vallées proposes
a gigantic choice of marked ski itineraries, which I would even say, is the only one of
its kind in the world. »

Itinerary :

FreeTracks 1 - Plan du fou (MEDIUM)

Distance : 1107 m

Arrival Alt. : 2126 m

Variation in alt. : 307 m

Pente max. : 45°

Departure Alt. : 2433 m


Prepared run traverse short and regular slope, good snow conditions. Magnificent view over the mountains and the Rhone Valley. View available thanks to the webcam.


FreeTracks 2 - Gentianes (DIFFICULT)

Distance : 3527 m

Arrival Alt. : 2046 m

Variation in alt. : 844 m

Max gradient : 38°

Departure Alt. : 2890 m


Physically demanding, very long run. This fabulous descent of 3,5 km will turn your thighs as well as your moral to steel.


FreeTracks 3 - Chassoure (MEDIUM)

Distance : 3815 m

Arrival Alt. : 2046 m

Variation in alt. : 694 m

Max gradient : 40°

Departure Alt. : 2740 m


Beginning traverse difficult. First part very steep, second part more accessible. Beautiful view of the Valley of Nendaz.


FreeTracks 4 - Mt Gelé (DEMANDING)

Distance : 3813 m

Arrival Alt. : 2058 m

Variation in alt. : 945 m

Max gradient : 42°

Departure Alt. : 3003 m


Extremely steep, scattered rocks, be careful in spring, allow ice to melt. The end of this itinerary joins that of the Gentianes.


FreeTracks 5 - Arbi (DIFFICULT)

Distance : 4697 m

Arrival Alt. : 1739 m

Variation in alt. : 843 m

Max gradient : 39°

Departure Alt. : 2582 m


Beginning of the itinerary is difficult. Far from any lifts. This itinerary is not frequently used, descents through charming forests. You’ll feel like you are alone in the world, privileged.


FreeTracks 6 - Col des mines (DIFFICULT)

Distance : 850 m

Arrival Alt. : 1930 m

Variation in alt. : 393 m

Max gradient : 39°

Departure Alt. : 2323 m


Beginning of itinerary difficult (same beginning as Vallon d’Arbi). Superb view over Verbier.


FreeTracks 7 - Eteygeon (DIFFICULT)

Distance : 3754 m

Arrival atl.: 1533 m

Variation in alt. : 1128 m

Max gradient : 36°

Departure alt. : 2661 m


Far from any lifts. One of the most impressive itineraries by its length, its variation in altitude, and its far from everything aspect. Return to the lift system by bus (CHF 5.-).


The legendary “Mont-Fort” slope – also to be considered

Distance : 1750 m

Arrival Alt. : 2900 m

Variation in alt. : 430 m

Max gradient : 22°

Departure Alt. : 3330 m

Level : Demanding

The “Mont-Fort” slope is not prepared mechanically, because of its acclivity. Highest summit and highlight of the 4 Valleys ski area, the Mont-Fort is a unique site. From the top, a breathtaking view awaits you on some of the most famous mountains of the Alps, from the Matterhorn to the Mont Blanc. p>


These ski itineraries are destined to be followed by experienced skiers. Children must
be accompanied by an adult. Make sure you have the appropriate equipment.


Check out the opening times of the runs before leaving. They are announced on big information boards at the bottom or at the top of the lift system, on our website. Thelift system company declines any responsibility in case of disrespect of the announcements


A signpost like the one above marks the beginning of each ski itinerary.
These itineraries are reserved for experienced skiers. They are marked but not prepared
and not patrolled. Great care should, therefore, be taken
For all questions regarding the correct preparation and behaviour to adopt on these
itineraries, please refer to the following documents (which are in fact valid for any ski or
snowboard activity on any kind of run) :

Nendaz Freeride :

The 12th legendary Nendaz Freeride is already planned from the 9th to the 21th of March 2017, on the Mont-Gond (near the Plan-du-Fou). Do not miss this exceptional event !

Nendaz Freeride website 

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