Ski Touring

Ski-touring lovers will find happiness in Nendaz.


Threatening mountains looming out large above us... How many difficulties, sweating and pain to reach the top, in the midst of cold and sharp rocks ? Ever-changing and fascinating mountains, where danger and beauty are always close. Why does one endlessly want to climb higher ?

Maybe simply for that wonderful and unique peace you’ll find there, and only there. For the respect that nature teaches atop. And for the pleasure of coming downhill serene and calm, after the difficulty of the climbing. Total freedom... that dream, that passion...

The task of mountain professionnals (qualified guides) is to lead you safely on the path that will make you discover the fascinating beauty of the Alps.


Events winter 2017-2018


This winter, ski-touring is opened every Wednesday on the Jean-Pierre slope until 10 p.m.

Opening date: Wednesday January 10th 2018

Closing date: Wednesday April 11th 2018

We strongly advise you to take a headlamp with you

The Tracouet restaurant (self-service) is also until 10p.m. open. You can enjoy a cheese fondue or other warm and cold meals. 

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Nendaz Tourisme

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NV Remontées mécaniques SA

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