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Shops & Craftwork

Association des artisans et commerçants de Nendaz

The AACN's aim is to bring together the local retailers and craftspeople in Nendaz who contribute to the liveliness and economic vitality of the destination. Founded on the values of collaboration, innovation and mutual support, our association is committed to promoting the commercial dynamism of our region and offering a unique experience to our residents and visitors.

Our association brings together a diverse range of businesses and craftspeople, from sports shops and rental agencies to creative artists, restaurants, cafés, bakeries and more. Each member of our association brings his or her own unique touch to the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Nendaz-

The AACN is committed to supporting its members by providing promotional and networking opportunities. By collaborating with local authorities, tourism trade partners and other economic players in the region, the association aims to strengthen Nendaz's appeal as a destination of choice for visitors seeking an authentic and memorable experience.

Throughout the year, it organizes various events, promotions and activities to boost Nendaz's business life, such as the traditional Nendard market on Wednesdays in summer.


AACN Route de la Télécabine 1
CH-1997 Haute-Nendaz

Useful information

Whether you're a local resident, an occasional visitor or an entrepreneur looking to join our dynamic business community, the AACN invites you to discover all that the Association des Commerçants et des Artisans de Nendaz has to offer. Together, let's make Nendaz a place where commerce thrives and craftsmanship flourishes in an enchanting Alpine setting.