Florian Bouvet-Fournier

The capital of the Alphorn

A real love story links Nendaz to the Alpine horn – the Alpine instrument has been a part of our region for eons.

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Welcome drink and Alphorn entertainment

Tasting of local products while enjoying a performance by the Alphorn group from Nendaz

An introduction to Alphorn blowing

Initiation and discovery of this ancient instrument

Advanced Alphorn training course

Alphorn advanced course in the company of Olivier Brisville

Florian Bouvet-Fournier

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International Alphorn Festival

Almost 150 Alpine horn players get together for a competition, and to play some captivating sounds.

A family history

Aimé Devènes, passionate about music and a brass band director for 25 years, began blowing down an alphorn with great joy. Soon he began to share this passion with the other members of his family. At present two of his children and two of his grand-children have become part of the troop, as well as many of his friends.

The quartet

In 2004 a quartet was created and its mission is to promote the region of Nendaz, the Valais and the Alphorn in Switzerland. It collaborates actively with Nendaz Tourisme, Valais Tourisme and also Swiss Tourisme.

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The alphorn group from Nendaz

Aimé Devènes, who was then joined by his two sons Antoine and Olivier, founded the group of alphorn blowers of Nendaz in 1984. He also welcomed among his players renowned players such as Pierre-Alain Bidaud and Gérald Pot. The group is presently made up of 14 members. It is directed by Antoine Devènes and presided by Gérard Devènes. It has great pleasure in participating in different events organised in Nendaz such as the Easter celebration, sunrise at the Mont-Fort at 3300 metres in altitude, the summer market, the 1st of August, New Year’s Eve,...

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An instrument that’s out of the ordinary

Originally used to call the mountain herds, the Alpine horn has gradually become an instrument in its own right over the years.

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