Etienne Bornet

Our labels


Family Destination

The ‘Family Destination’ label recognises holiday regions and destinations that focus their offering on the needs and preferences of children and those travelling with them. The aim of the certification is to encourage resorts to provide successful family holidays through everything they do. Just 25 destinations in Switzerland presently have the label, which is difficult to achieve and adds considerable value. It spurs us on towards continually improving services and infrastructure designed to cater to this customer segment, as well as formalising and giving credibility to an initiative that we embarked upon quite naturally as a way of meeting the needs of a ‘family’ customer base that is important to us.

Label of quality for Swiss Tourism

The ‘Label of quality for Swiss Tourism’ is supported by the biggest central Swiss tourism organisations. The label’s purpose is to raise awareness among tourism businesses on quality, the idea being for service provision within travel and holiday destinations to be constantly improving. We are pleased to be holders of the highest distinction, the Q3, which is awarded only to businesses that have successfully put together and implemented an internationally recognised Quality Management System.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard that sets out the core requirements for a business to meet the requirements of ISO’s Quality Management System. The label is a sign of confidence, and acts as evidence to the customer that the goods and services being offered are in line with all of the customer’s needs and expectations, while also complying with current regulations.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard is the most frequently used of the ISO 14000 standards. The label relates to environmental management, and draws on the principle of continued environmental management performance through the careful management of impacts related to a business’s activity.

Valais Excellence

The ‘Valais Excellence’ label recognises Valais businesses that are both the best-performing, and the most citizen-minded – those that are highly attentive to their social and environmental role and that are the keenest to work on constantly improving their products and services.