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The church of Basse-Nendaz

Architecture & monuments

It was the only church in the parish of Nendaz until the middle of the 20th century and was the meeting place for the inhabitants of all the surrounding villages.

The original chapel, the oldest part of the building, now serves as a crypt. It is located in the basement of the present-day church. It was built at the end of the 9th and beginning of the 10th century. It was buried under the rubble of subsequent buildings for centuries, but fortunately its remains were discovered during the reconstruction in 1967.

The most important transformations took place between 1882 and 1885 and gave the building its present form. Old photographs show that the bell tower was located in a corner of the building. It was rebuilt and heightened in 1913.

The most recent work carried out on the church dates back to 2003. Some modifications were made, in particular the rehabilitation of the two side openings in the nave of the choir.

The patron saint of the church of Basse-Nendaz is Saint-L├ęger.

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