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Inalpe Combyre

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The Inalpe: a simple word that resonates deeply in the hearts of the people from the Valais. It is when the cattle are moved to summer grazing on the mountain pastures,
Come and watch the mixing of the Hérens breed of cows.

This alpine breed, all muscle and power, fight to establish the hierarchy within the newly formed herd (the cows come from different farms and are brought together for the summer in the mountains). The cows fight each head to head and horn to horn without hurting each other, in an impressive power struggle. An animal is defeated when it turns away from its opponent or refuses to fight in submission. The winner becomes the "queen" of the herd.

The cows remain in the mountains all summer on the alpine pastures of the Alpage de Combyre-Meinaz. The title of queen is awarded at the end of the summer, at the desalp. The "ranking" is established regularly according to the observations of the cattlemen, and can still change until the last day. The title of queen is a great pride for the owners.

The day of the Inalpe is special, it is a day of celebration, of joy, of exchange, it is the day of reward for all the work done during the year for the well-being of the cattle. It is also the opportunity to present these exceptional animals to the public.

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