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Sport classes

Pilates is a deep muscle strengthening method inspired by yoga, dance and gymnastics.

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Pilates is a method of strengthening the deep muscles responsible for posture. These core muscles are located between the ribs and the pelvis and are the energy centre of the body. Strengthening them makes you stronger and more stable. The movements are fluid and done with awareness. They are associated with breathing and bring balance and harmony.

This class is organized as part of the Nendaz Sport adult programme for people aged 15 years and over. It takes place all year round outside of school holidays.

  • Car park with varying fees
  • Credit/debit card accepted
  • Booking required
  • Accessible by public transport
  • WC
  • Cloakroom


Nend'Spirit Sports et Wellness Sàrl Route de la Télécabine 7
1997 Haute-Nendaz +41 27 565 53


Price (ticket on sale at Nendaz Tourisme)
One course14.- CHF
Multi-course card70.- CHF

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