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Treasure hunt in the resort

Themed trails

Set off to discover the resort of Nendaz with a walk dotted with little riddles and missions to the great delight of children!





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Equipped with their adventure logbook, which can be collected from Nendaz Tourisme or downloaded online, the children set off on their adventure and return to the Tourist Information Office to collect their treasure.

One peaceful winter's morning, Cheesy is out walking in Nendaz when she hears some terrible news:
The Snow Star, a precious object kept safely at Nendaz Tourisme, has mysteriously disappeared. It has been stolen during the night.

This announcement is catastrophic, as this star possesses magical powers that are essential for maintaining the region's winter energy balance. Without it, there will be no cold weather, no more snow for skiing, snowball fights or even sledging.

Cheesy knows what she must do: find the thief and the Snow Star. Can you help her on her quest?
According to information received by Cheesy, witnesses spotted the thief and have drawn up a list of suspects on pages 5 and 6.
To find out more, go to the place where you buy your ticket to soar through the air.

Useful information

Recommended age : 3-12 years

On the way

Nendaz Tourisme

Tourist Information Office

Tracouet gondola

Ski lifts