Télécabine Tracouet été 2020

Summer prices

Rates per lift, daily prices, 4 Vallées season passes... Come and check out all the information concerning our summer mountain lift pass rates for 2023 on this page. To see the opening hours of the lifts, click here!

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Adult: 1946-1997

Adult born in 1945 and before: free

Youth: 1998-2007

Child born in 2016 and after: free

Child: 2008-2015

Price per lift

Tracouet one-way15.-
Tracouet round trip25.-
Combatseline one-way15.-
Combatseline around trip20.-
Tortin one-way15.-
Tortin aller-retour20.-
Tortin-Gentianes one-way19.-
Tortin-Gentianes round trip25.-
Gentianes-Mont-Fort round trip 25.-
Veysonnaz one-way15.-
Veysonnaz round trip25.-
Tracouet one-way13.-
Tracouet round trip21.-
Combatseline one-way13.-
Combatseline round trip17.-
Tortin one-way13.-
Tortin round trip17.-
Tortin-Gentianes one-way16.-
Tortin-Gentianes round trip21.-
Gentianes-Mont-Fort round trip 21.-
Veysonnaz one-way13.-
Veysonnaz round trip21.-
Tracouet one-way8.-
Tracouet round trip13.-
Combatseline one-way8.-
Combatseline round trip10.-
Tortin one-way8.-
Tortin round trip10.-
Tortin-Gentianes one-way10.-
Tortin-Gentianes round trip13.-
Gentianes-Mont-Fort round trip 13.-
Veysonnaz one-way8.-
Veysonnaz round trip13.-
Group discounts on request

Our summer packages

1 day Printse34.-
1 day 4 Vallées52.-
Round trip & CHF 20.- voucher for the restaurant36.-
Summer season Printse199.-
Summer season 4 Vallées299.-
Presale summer season 4 Vallées (until 31 May)239.-
1 day Printse29.-
1 day 4 Vallées44.-
Summer season Printse169.-
Summer season 4 Vallées254.-
Presale summer season 4 Vallées (until 31 May)203.-
1 day Printse17.-
1 day 4 Vallées26.-
Summer season Printse100.-
Summer season 4 Vallées150.-
Presale summer season 4 Vallées (until 31 May)120.-
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MTB & zipline

Zipline & 4 Vallées pass78.-
Zipline only45.-
1 day tour of Mont-Fort52.-
MTB & ebike transportation free
Zipline & 4 Vallées pass66.-
Zipline only38.-
1 day tour of Mont-Fort44.-
MTB & ebike transportation free
Zipline & 4 Vallées pass37.-
Zipline only22.-
1 day tour of Mont-Fort26.-
MTB & ebike transportation free