Elodie Moos


Hello there!
I’m Cheesy, the Nendaz mascot, and I’ve been given the job of telling you all about my life as a Hérens cow. So…follow me!
I suggest you go up in a ski lift and then make your way back down along my pathway, though you can do it the other way round or walk up and down both ways.



~1hcoming down

~1h30coming up

~2h30round trip

Do you know about the Hérens breed of cow?

I’m one of them: they are small but stocky, and black with some ginger tones. We are iconic in the area of the Valais, a bit like St Bernard dogs and the Matterhorn – though it’s much easier to get close to us!

There’s no denying that we are well-suited to moving around the mountains, and that’s thanks to our robust build and our confidence grazing the steepest meadows in the region that were chosen for us.
I’ll bet you my cowbell that you’ve already seen me during your trips out in the Alps of the Valais.

Anyway, in these parts you can hardly miss me. Between June and September, there are almost 800 of us enjoying the Nendaz mountain pastures.


After each recommendation below, ring my bell to let me know you’ve understood what I said!

Hands off my food

The grass you’ll see along the pathway is my meal. So please try not to walk all over my dinner plate. Stay on the pathways!

Dinner plate ≠ toilet bowl

You’d never put a bit of poo into a friend’s meal – nor that of your dog or even your own, so have the same care for my meal: the pastureland. If I accidentally eat a bit of poo I might lose the calf that’s in my tummy. Please make sure you don’t drop any litter or chewing gum on my grass either.

The Hérens cow path

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