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St-Michel Chapel

Architecture & monuments

Discreetly, the St-Michel chapel nestles in the heart of the old village of Haute-Nendaz, on the edge of what was once the main street.

Now renovated and maintained, St. Michel Chapel has had its ups and downs over the course of its existence. It was built in 1499 as an engraved wooden panel that can be seen on the left of the nave and which was discovered during a renovation proves. Several times rebuilt and renovated, this chapel almost disappeared in the 1960s. Some inhabitants wanted to demolish it, a neighbour even offered to buy it to turn it into a pigsty. Thanks to the intervention of the Historical Monuments Service of the Canton of Valais and the efforts of some courageous citizens, St. Michael's Chapel was saved.

The building in its present state, in Baroque style, is said to date back to the 18th century. The interior decoration is the work of the painter Charles Frédéric Brun, better known in the region as Le Déserteur. Between 1850 and 1860, the artist painted on the walls of the chapel the various biblical figures as well as the great Christ hanging from the iron bar above the altar. For his work, the Deserter was certainly inspired by the images of the Epiphany.

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