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The Tsâblo water mill

Architecture & monuments

The bisse du Milieu runs into a torrent which turns the wheel of the Tsâblo water mill.

Until the middle of the 20th century, the people of Nendaz cultivated a lot of cereal. The economic centre of the region was the village of Beuson, ideally situated on the banks of the River Printse, which provided the energy needed to drive the wheels of the various mills, fullers, presses and sawmills throughout the year.

On the Haute-Nendaz side, the water of the torrent of Tsâblo was not very abundant and above all not very regular. In spite of this, thanks to the ingenuity of the builders, maximum output from the water was achieved.

The original mill was located a few hundred metres below the present site. It was demolished in 1984 when the main road from the valley was extended. Fortunately, however, the parts of the old mill had been preserved and a few years later the Association for the Preservation of Heritage in Nendaz undertook its reconstruction as we know it today.

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