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Grand Désert Lake

Natural site

At the foot of the Rosablanche, discover this charming mountain lake in an exceptional mineral atmosphere.

At around 2,600 metres above sea level, at the foot of the Rosablanche, the plain of the Grand Désert stretches out. While following the Printse river from the turquoise lake of Cleuson, the colours of what surrounds you gently change from green to grey. Vegetation becomes scarcer and scarcer, giving way to the natural mineral and rocky setting that characterizes the site of the Grand Désert. In this unique environment extend here and there small mountain lakes of glacial origin which bring a touch of freshness. This is the case of the magnificent Grand Désert lake, accessible via a hiking trail in summer.


It is difficult to imagine vegetation in this mineral environment. It is true that it is becoming rarer. However, if you pay attention, you will observe some spots of colour highlighting the landscape: it is indeed the intensity of their hues that allows the plants to grow at such an altitude. It is a beautiful and very interesting site!


If you are interested in this natural site, there is an educational trail called "Au fil du Glacier" running between the Saint-Laurent mountain cabin and the plain of the Grand Désert. The 18 panels placed along the way show the evolution of the glacier and how it has receded over time and teach you a little more about this special place, about the glacial metamorphosis and its effects on the fauna and flora.

  • Summer, Autumn

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